The proposal

18. 2018 August 4th_ The proposal

Location: House Enfante—Fullerton, Californi

Raj: Thanks to some amazing and talented friends I was able to pull of the proposal of my dreams. We met on a stage, so it only seemed fitting that I proposed with music and theatrics. I was so nervous that I can’t believe she didn’t suspect that I was up to something.

Tara: I recall that day being jam-packed full of summer fun with friends from sunrise to sunset. The evening consisted watching the classic movie Fried Green Tomatoes in the backyard and singing musical theater tunes with a bunch of friends. Super chill—so I thought! I had no idea what was in store that evening! It went from a relaxing evening with friends to tears of joy (with the ugly cry) as we’re being showered with rose petals from accepting proposal. One of the happiest days of my life!