Neighbors New Year’s Eve

Location: The Promenade Lofts—Anaheim, California

Raj: It once was said that it is not the quantity, but the quality of time that makes a friendship. Almost three years ago I decided to move into a Loft in Anaheim. Little did I know that was the first step in may life altering changes that were going to take place. Just months after moving in, Tara and I had our first date. Just a few months after, we took in our first of now three lovely fur babies that have taken over our lives. But through it all, we got to share ever moment with some amazing people. Once strangers, we became neighbors, and soon our neighbors became part of our village. We are extremely fortunate to have these wonderful people as part of our community.

Tara: Honestly, if it wasn’t for our similar interest in animals, ambiance, and alcohol over Game of Thrones, we would have just been friendly faces through the halls. But now our house have united and nothing shall remain the same.