Meeting the Ponniah-Leo Clan

The week when Tara was introduced to Raj’s family

Location: Dinner for Nana at the apartment—Anaheim, California

Raj: My grandmother (Nana) and parents came to the house, but I was still trying to finish up work. Tara cooked and entertained like a pro, all on her own. She remembered that my Nana had mentioned some dietary restrictions in passing and she took them into consideration when making the meal. That act of caring meant so much to me.

 Location: Birthday Bash for Papa Mano at the house—Chino Hills, California

Tara: After dating for a couple weeks, Raj invited me to come to a family gathering. At the time, I didn’t announce we were official yet, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Not realizing that I was meeting most of the Ponniah-Leo Clan! I was going in to this party with the mindset of just meeting his parents, brother, and a couple relatives. It was much grander, but nevertheless, I had a great time meeting everyone and being immersed in his family’s love and warm greetings.