Our first Christmas

6. Our first Christmas <= Click to view video

Location: Promenade Lofts at The Mix—Anaheim, California

Raj: While traveling around over the years, I had many places to lay my head. I was asked once, where I put my Christmas tree, and I didn’t know how to answer. I had a place in Toronto, a place in Vegas and my parents’ place in LA, but I had no home of my own where I would put a tree. This was the first time seven years that I had a place I could call home, and was nice to have someone to share it with. This started a tradition of building our own tree topper every year. No matter how small the act, we try to find joy in everything we do.

Tara: Our first Christmas was special because this was the first time Raj setup a tree in a place of his own in seven years! The ornaments we chose and put on the tree had a significant meaning to it, so it was an enjoyable project for us.