Our First Date

Our first date

Location: The Packing House—Orange, California

Raj: It was a long time since either one of us went on a date, but the show was now over and it was time to make some choices. I was tired of her being flirty one night and calling me bro the next. I asked her out to dinner, and to my delight, she said yes. After a nice dinner we walked up to a speakeasy with a rabbit on the door. There while sipping a drink I confessed my feelings and she didn’t run. While walking back home it was time to make sure we were on the same page. I grabbed her by the hand, spun her around and into my alms. I looked into her eyes and kissed her for the first time. I abruptly pulled away, smiled and said, “Nice kiss bro”, winked, and started to walk away.

Tara: During the last weekend-run of the show, I agreed to go to dinner with Raj after we finished the production. I realized I had feelings for him and I thought this may be the last time we hang out together. Boy, was I wrong! We had dinner at Urbana Mexican Gastronomy Restaurant and finished with drinks at the speakeasy called The Blind Rabbit. It was an evening of enjoyable conversation and admitting our feelings to one another. I believe the choice we decided on this date—to take a leap of faith on one another—changed our lives and kickstarted our relationship to blossom to what it is today.