“I think I love you…”

When our friends noticed the spark first… and when Raj said “I love you” first!

Location: Nick’s Restaurant—San Clemente, California

Raj: We were both looking at a painting on the wall and she said something that I was thinking, something that happened quite often with us. It turned to her and said, “I think l love you.” It was meant to come out as a funny statement, but it quickly became awkward due to its underlying truth. She will forever claim this as the first time I said, “I love you,” and she isn’t wrong.

Tara: We were sitting together, having dinner with his friends who traveled far to watch and support him perform. While enjoying their company, I was taking in the room and I saw a large painting of a Dog’s face. I was taking a science class at the time and said out loud, “It would be really cool if it was an image of a skull.” Then I hear Raj’s voice to my right, subtly reply, “I think I love you.” Lost for words, I tried to change the subject not knowing how to respond, not because I didn’t like it, but not knowing what to do with the butterflies in my stomach.